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Town of Onalaska
Zoning district breakdown by acreage
Agricultural District A:     10440 acres
Ag. District A:  Allows general farming and any type of residential use (single family, duplex, multi-family)
Agricultural District B:     224.82 acres  
Ag. District B:  Farming, mining, other open outdoor uses, rod/gun clubs, etc.
Commercial District B:     132.72 acres
Commercial Districts:  Commercial uses, starting with light commercial in district A
Commercial District C:     23.74 acres
 more into manufacturing as you move to district C.
Exclusive Agricultural District:     10711.43 acres
Farming only.  One home per 35 acres. 
Industrial District:     1054.43 acres
Residential District A:     759.82 acres
 Single family homes
Residential District B:     7.24 acres
 Single Family Homes or Duplex
Residential District C:     7.48 acres
Single Family, Duplex, or Multi Family 
Transitional Agricultural District:     3560.15 acres
Farming only.  One home per 35 acres.
Mobile Home Court District:     .92 acres
The total acreage of zoned lands in the town is:  26922 acres
Total acreage in the town is:  28461
The difference in the numbers, 1539 acres, is comprised of water and road ROW that is unzoned.